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To Place an Order

If you have not yet received a price quote then fill out our quick form on our home page.

 If you’ve already received an e-mail price quote & now want to order:

Just email us back by hitting the “reply”  button on your email.  Don’t start a new email!  That way, we will have a copy of the email chain (old email) that we have been sending each other back and forth with all of your information on it.  If you decide to call us then we will still have to take the time to locate your email and find your price quote (so it is faster to just email us back).  You will also be charged an additional $5 for calling us instead of emailing us to place your order.

In your reply, include days/times that you prefer delivery.Flexibility is good, so give us as many days/times as possible and note the most & least preferred days/times.  Remember, the more options you give us, the sooner you will get your delivery.  Go to Delivery Guidelines to see times that we deliver.  We typically give you a 3-4 hour time frame to expect delivery.  Typically, we do not schedule delivery orders on Friday, Saturday or Sunday until the day before since we have so many delivery orders on those days and have to plan efficient delivery routing and times.  For example, for a Friday delivery, we typically call or email a delivery time to you on Thursday.  You can request a time frame (such as in the morning) but due to the number of deliveries we have on those days, there is no guarantee we could deliver to you during your preferred time frame.  If this is an issue, you can request that we make a delivery without you being there and leave payment for our driver. 

By ordering, you agree to the all of the terms of agreement and policies that Joe’s Landscaping Supplies has outlined on this website.

If you’ve already received a price quote on the phone & now want to order 

Call us and give us the information below.  Note that we add $5 to all quotes and orders placed on the phone to cover the cost of the toll free number charges and overhead and equipment associated with taking orders over the phone.  You can also email us at  but if you have already received a quote from us by phone, you will still be charged the $5 for the quote we gave you on the phone earlier.  Again, we highly encourage you to get a quote by email right from the start and keep all correspondence by email so that you can save the $5 charge! 

You must provide the following information for us to get you scheduled for an order:

Prices can change without notice and depending on how long it has been since you got the price quote over the phone, it may no longer be valid.  Wholesale prices, fuel costs and other factors can change the price of our products, giving us little or no notice.  For this reason, we cannot guarantee prices for any length of time.  

When you place an order with us, we will let you know if the price we quoted you is no longer valid and what the new price is.

By ordering, you agree to the all of the terms of agreement and policies that Joe’s Landscaping Supplies has outlined on this website.