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2-Way Lawn Top Dressing/Overseeding Mix

Great for new planting and lawns, light and fast draining and builds soil health. Also works well for mixing into high clay soils or very wet areas.




3-Way Mix Topsoil (Joe’s Favorite)

Our 3-Way Mix is a great all-around basic topsoil and it is our most popular and biggest seller.  It has Sandy Loam Soil, Peat Moss and Garden Mulch mixed together and is excellent for seeding lawns, sod, flower beds, filling in holes or low areas etc.  It is just a great all-purpose soil that is good for just about anything. 

Processed through a 1/2″ screen, the soil content is approximately 85% soil and 15% organic material.  We offer individual 1 cubic foot bags of manure, Steer ($4.95/bag) or Chicken ($5.95/bag), to add to the soil if you wish.  Just let us know and we can add it to your order. 

4-Way Garden Mix Topsoil

Our 4-Way Mix Topsoil is an excellent topsoil that has a little extra mojo in the form of Aged Steer Manure! 4-Way Mix Topsoil is great for seeding lawns, sod, flower beds, and vegetable gardening.  Although you may not find the key ingredient (Steer Manure) of the 4-Way Mix Topsoil to be that appealing, your veggies think much differently!  Trust us, they love it and you will love them, therefore you will love it!  And you thought all of that Algebra in 7th grade was worthless knowledge but this is a great example of it in a real world application.  It’s the law of reflexivity!  If A=B and B=C, then A= C A= Steer ManureB= VeggiesC= People So…if B loves A and C loves B, then C loves A!!! Okay, I know this isn’t an Algebra class so let’s just say the Aged Steer Manure is all the rage for your veggies as they are big feeders and need the fertilizer to grow big and healthy.  This is not the time to be politically correct.  There won’t be any hurt feelings here….size does matter!  4-Way Mix Topsoil contains: 80% Sandy Loam Soil, 5% Garden Mulch, 5% Aged Sawdust, and 10% Aged Steer Manure.  Processed through a 1/2″ screen, the total content is approximately 80% soil and 20% organic material. 

5-Way Premium Planting/Garden Mix

Our 5-Way Mix Premium Garden Topsoil and is great for lawns, vegetable gardens, container gardening etc.  It is excellent soil with some high powered Aged Chicken Manure (but not enough to burn your grass).  5-Way Premium Mix Topsoil has the following ingredients: 75% Sandy Loam Soil, 5% Peat Moss, 10% Aged Chicken Manure, a 5% Compost/Mulch mix, and 5% Aged Sawdust.   Processed through a 1/2″ screen, the 5-Way Premium Mix  total content is approximately 75% soil and 25% organic material. 

6-Way Supreme Mix

Our 6-Way Supreme Mix Garden Topsoil is great for vegetable gardens, container gardening etc.  It is excellent soil and the best Topsoil that we have.  It has every ingrediant you need for success.

6-Way Supreme Mix has the following ingredients: Sandy Loam Soil, Garden Compost, Peat Moss, Fine Dark Aged Mulch, Steer Manure, and Aged Sawdust.  Processed through a 1/2″ screen, the soil content is approximately 75% soil and 25% organic material.

Cedar Grove Vegetable Garden Mix

A mix of 60% Cedar Grove compost (screened to 7/16″),  20% sand, 20% sandy loam.  Cedar Grove Vegetable Garden Mix is specifically designed for vegetable and herb gardens.