Hog Fuel- Unprocessed Bark (Animal Friendly)!
Unprocessed bark that is 12″ Minus in size (approximate). This mix includes fines and larger pieces. This hog fuel is animal friendly!

Our Hog Fuel is simply unprocessed tree bark that is screened to 12″ Minus in size (approximate). Our mix includes fines and larger pieces up to 12″ and it is animal friendly!  It is not recycled, chopped up fencing or pallets that could have nails and other harmful metal objects in it- just all natural tree bark!  

Recommended Uses
Hog fuel is terrific for mud control and around construction sites as it drains well. A benefit of using Hog Fuel is that it is usually cheaper than other materials that may be used for mud and moisture control.
Apply at a rate of 3″ to 12″ for mud control, depending upon conditions.

Sold in cubic yard increments, we can deliver 1-28 yards in a single dump truck load, depending on the size truck we use (we have 3 different sized trucks).

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