Our 1-Man Rock is sold by the piece to you (you can pick out individual rocks and load them into your vehicle/trailer to purchase or pick them out and set them aside and we will load them into our dump truck and deliver them to you). Note that 1-Man Rock is self load only so bring some strong help and a strong truck or trailer too! You can also just purchase 1-Man Rock by the ton and we will load up the approximate tonnage in various rock sizes (since 1-Man Rock varies in size range from the size of a basketball “Old Man Size” to a large sack of potatoes “He-Man Size”!).  Then we will deliver it to you.   For each ton that you buy, you get approximately 12-26 rocks that come in a mixture of sizes.  If “one man” can move a rock with a crowbar, it is considered a 1-Man sized rock. The 1-Man Rock is mostly Limestone and is very light gray (almost white) with some green in it too.

Delivery of 1-Man Rockery Rock

So that you don’t expect to pay the exact amount of the quote that you receive, please be aware that delivered amounts of 1-Man Rock may vary up to +/- .75 tons according to how much is actually loaded into the dump truck. When you receive the bill from the driver, the bill will reflect the exact tonnage of 1-Man Rock that has been loaded into the truck.  

For example, you order 4 tons of 1-Man Rock to be delivered from Joe’s Landscaping Supplies. When we load it into the dump truck, the truck may end up with slightly more or less than 4 tons due to the large size of our loader bucket and the difficulty to measure exact amounts with varying sizes of rock too. We don’t hand load and weigh each rock. Because of this, you may get exactly 4 tons or 4.49 tons or even 3.85 tons.

At the time of delivery, we will adjust your invoice to reflect the actual amount of tonnage you received and you would pay for only that amount. We know exactly how much has been loaded into the truck because we weigh the truck before and after we have loaded it.1-Man Rock is sold by the ton when delivered or you can pick out the rock ahead of time and placed it in an accessible location for our loader to load into a truck for delivery. To give you an idea, 1 ton of 1-Man Rock fills up approximately 15-18 cubic feet of space. If “one man” can move a rock with a crowbar, it is considered a 1-Man sized rock. The 1-Man Rockery Rock pictured is Limestone and is very light gray (almost white).  1-Man Rock is $145 per ton + delivery charge for delivery to you.  We accept Cash or Debit/Credit for 1-Man Rock.  No checks are accepted. The amount of the delivery charge depends on the following factors:

  • What your address is
  • How many tons you are having delivered
  • If you buy anything else that can be delivered in the same load with the 1-Man Rock (to maximize the load) such as Bark, Topsoil, Crushed rock, Sand, or any of the other materials that we sell on-site, we can usually deliver it in the same truckload for no additional charge.

We can deliver 1-14 tons of 1-Man Rock per dump truck load.  If you would like a quote for 1-Man Rock delivered to you, fill out our price quote form by clicking here.