Fine Dark Aged Bark is screened to 1 1/2″ minus particle size and 100% quality, Fine Dark Aged Bark.  It works as an excellent weed suppressor too.  Through a proprietary darkening & aging process (closely held in Joe’s family), the bark darkens to a rich black color.  Fine Dark Aged Bark is used as a top dressing for a fine manicured look and even as a soil amendment. 

Unlike other companies, we don’t add compost to darken our bark or as a cheap filler.  Beware of the companies that do and call theirs “Fine Dark Mulch” or “Landscaping Mulch”.  The word “Mulch” is code for COMPOST!  Don’t get ripped off from them with an inferior quality product or a product you think will suppress weeds.  When those companies add compost to their bark to make Fine Dark Mulch or Landscaping Mulch, you’ll end up with weeds–which is probably not something you bargained for.  

Get the genuine, 100% Fine Dark Aged Bark from Joe’s!  Please note: Joe’s Landscaping Supplies does sell (for pick up or delivery) Joe’s NW Landscaping Mulch which is (1/2 Fine Dark Aged Bark + 1/2 Joe’s Northwest Compost) so if you are stuck on having a bark/compost mixture, we have it also.

Our high quality pesticide and dye free bark, processed from local Western Hemlock and Fir trees will complement & beautify your gardens, flowerbeds, & peripheral landscaping. 

Sold in cubic yard increments, we can deliver 1-28 yards in a single dump truck load, depending on the size truck we use (we have 3 different sized trucks).

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Please note, the shade and consistency of bark can vary depending on the season, the moisture content, and even with different batches of bark from our suppliers.  If you purchase bark from us on different days, the bark may be a slightly different color or consistency.  This happens frequently during our busy Spring and Summer seasons.  Please plan accordingly and get all of your Bark picked up or delivered the same day to avoid any matching issues.