Recycling at Joe’s Landscaping Supplies

ATTENTION: New regulations for Washington State require a Clean Soil Acceptance Form to accompany all soil disposal. Download, print, fill out & sign the form. Bring a hardcopy of it when you dump your material or text a picture of it to us in advance. The form can also be obtained on site. (Note: there’s a $12 processing charge for texted forms or forms provided on site).

Dumping charges– 1 yd minimum pricingCC Price      Cash Price
Clean Green, leaves, grass clippings, weeds (in small pieces) $     16.50 $              15.00
Brush/Arborist Chips/Wood Chips (ground up in small pieces) $     16.50 $              15.00
Large Stumps/Tree Rounds $     55.00 $              50.00
Sod Waste- clean sod only (NO dirt mixed in) $     38.50 $              35.00
Recovery mixed brush, sod, weeds, bushes, branches &/or soil with large roots $     61.00 $              55.00
Dry Soil (dry sandy loam soil)- dump per yard $     16.50 $              15.00
Wet Soil, sludge, goop, peat- dump per yard $     27.50 $              25.00
Dry Clay- dump per yard $     27.50 $              25.00
Wet Clay- dump per yard $     30.00 $              27.00
RR Tie dump- per tie $     27.50 $              25.00
Soil/Concrete or Soil/Asphalt mixed <ALL pieces MUST be less than 2 ft. in diameter $     93.50 $              85.00
Concrete/Asphalt pieces < ALL pieces MUST be less than 2 ft in diameter $     82.50 $              75.00
Concrete/Asphalt pieces > over 2 ft. in diameter        NOT  NOT ACCEPTED

WE DO NOT ACCEPT: Garbage, demolition debris, contaminated soil, lumber, painted, stained or treated lumber, plywood, OSB, particle board, etc.  If any of these items or materials are found in the material after you dump or the items/materials listed on the Clean Soil Acceptance Form, a minimum$250 charge will be assessed and charged to your Debit/Credit Card on file with your