Bridge Planks/Timbers  

These large reclaimed/repurposed planks came out of a bridge near the Spokane Street/West Seattle Bridge in Seattle.  We have a limited number of them too so once they are gone, that’s it!  They are 6” x 17”x 20’ long.  They probably weigh about 500-700 lbs each and require you to have a trailer to load them on with a forklift.  These must be preordered and paid for in advance 2-4 weeks ahead of pick up or delivery.

6″x 17″x 20′ (Pressure Treated Planks)  $350 – cash discounted price

Delivery of Bridge Planks

We can deliver large Bridge Planks to you also!  The delivery charge depends on how many you order and your delivery address.  All deliveries must be paid for in advance by cash (discounted) or by debit/credit.  All delivered Bridge Planks include a $25 loading/handling charge per post.  Posts are delivered and dumped from the top of a large dump truck.  We can also deliver posts with other bulk materials such as bark, topsoil or crushed rock in different sized dump trucks (depending on the quantity of materials needed).  Please fill out our quote form to get a delivery quote.