Joe’s 3’x50’ Weed Block Roll

that we sell at our store in Woodinville or that we can deliver to you with your delivery order.  The fabric is very popular in our product line and works well.  Joe’s Weed Block Roll keeps weeds out with small openings in the fabric to let air and water in and allows for proper air exchange for oxygen in and carbon dioxide out. $19.95 

  • 3’ x 50’ Roll—Covers 150 square feet
  • Provides adequate weed control for residential landscape areas
  • Great for annual plantings
  • Maintains soil moisture and promotes a deeper root system
  • Point-bond material allows air and water penetration
  • Basic UV protection for strength and durability
  • Easily installs with Joe’s landscape staples/pins
  • Ideal for residential landscape beds and home gardens
  • Assembled in the USA

Joe’s Commercial Grade Weed Block (Bulk Roll) 

We highly recommend the use of weed blocking fabric that you lay down on the ground before applying your landscaping material on top.  It lets water through but blocks weeds and grasses from growing up, giving your area a clean, neat appearance and most importantly low maintenance…..and who doesn’t want that?  It’ll save you a lot of unnecessary work pulling weeds and grass out that, no matter how deep you lay down material, will grow up through if you don’t have weed block laid down first.  Plus, it eliminates the use of harmful chemical agents used to kill weeds and grasses.  It is a one time, fairly inexpensive thing to do and laying it down is easy.  You can put bark on top of it for your flowerbeds or put gravel or crushed rock on it for driveways or walkways.  It is very durable, unlike many other weed block products, so it is great for use under heavy, “pokey” sharp edged rock such as what you might use for a driveway or walkway.  It keeps the rock separated from the dirt and the weeds from growing up while still letting water pass through.

We custom cut pieces so you don’t have to buy a whole roll!—We’ll cut whatever length you want so you don’t have to buy a whole roll if you don’t need it.  If you need us to cut a 2’ long piece or you want it to be 40’ long, we can do it.  We’ll cut it while you wait or we can deliver it to you already cut. 

It comes on a roll that is 12.5 ft. wide.  So, for example if we cut a piece that is 10 ft. long, you’ll get 10 ft. x 12.5 ft. = 125 square feet of Commercial Grade Weed Block.  We charge $2 per linear foot if you pick it up and pay with cash.  For example, if we cut a 10′ long piece (125 square feet total), it is just $20 plus tax.  We charge $2.25 per linear foot if we deliver it to you with your existing order, or if you purchase it with a credit card or on Sundays. 

Buy the whole roll!— Get a deep discount by purchasing a whole roll of Joe’s Commercial Grade Weed block.  The roll is pictured below and is 12.5 ft. wide by 432 ft. long (which equals 5,400 square feet) and we’ll sell you the whole thing, deeply discounted for$595!