Wow!….Powerful… an energy drink for your plants and lawn.  Chicken Manure + Aged Sawdust is great as a soil amendment for your garden or flowerbed.  You can even apply it directly on your lawn to bring it to life!  For lawns, apply Chicken Manure 1-2″ on top of your freshly mowed, short grass.  Then rake it in.  Apply lots of water over a period of 1-3 weeks.  Your grass will grow right through it, green and proud to be under the influence of your cultivating prowess!  Early in the year and spring time is the best time for this because the weather is cool, it is still raining a lot and your lawn is snapping out of its winter dormancy.  Its sort of like waking your lawn up with a big breakfast and cup of Joe (pardon the pun) after it has been hibernating all winter long!  

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