Joe’s NW Potting Soil is a recycled coco and soil potting mix. The mix includes small fibers of coconut husk, perlite, and Joe’s NW Compost.  In general, the best potting soil for many indoor plants (including some recently made legal) should have the characteristics of being “crumbly”.  A method to check for good potting soil texture is to pick up a handful of moist (not soggy) soil and give it a squeeze. It should barely stay together and have a spongy feel. Sandy soils will wash away over time and soils with clay will hold too much water.  The right texture will allow your roots to grow freely and allow water to drain through efficiently.  Big clumps of matter, stones, and over packed soil will work against the root systems of many different types of potted plants.  Please note, Joe’s NW Potting Soil is a recycled product and may contain some small pieces of biodegradable material used as a liner for the soil containers prior to it becoming a bulk product for us.  This material does not harm plants or by any means the integrity of of the potting soil.  The screening process that we employ removes some pieces of this biodegradable material but not all.

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