A mix of 50% Joe’s NW Compost and 50% Washed Dairy Manure, Joe’s NW Booster Blend contains organic matter derived from Washed Dairy Manure, which is high in nitrogen and excellent for vegetable and herb gardens. 

The Washed Dairy Manure is collected in a confined feedstock operation, offering a high input control for potential weed seeds that might be found in other manure sources.


Soil Amendment – For plant and turf establishment and growth. In vegetable and herb gardens, Booster Blend provides organic matter, soil organisms, and macro and micro nutrients for crop growth and development. Till to a depth of 4-8 inches and add 2-3 inches of Joe’s NW Booster Blend and then till again.

Mulch – Weed the area to be covered and apply 3 inches over existing soil and around plants.

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