This is Joe’s signature compost blend and is Pacific Northwest recycled brush, branches, leaves, grass clippings, and a small amount of wood waste. This herbaceous and woody material mix provides an ideal habitat for naturally occurring microorganisms, is essential for mineralization and plant nutrient uptake, and assists in disease suppression.

**Improves soil fertility – provides slow release of minerals
**Compost screened to 7/16 inch and aged 6 months to 1 year.
**Safe around children and pets.

Derived from: Pure Compost. No additives *1.10% Slowly available nitrogen derived from compost. Uses:

**As a Soil Amendment – Cedar Grove Compost adds organic matter, nutrients, and beneficial microorganisms to enhance growth, porosity, and water retention. An essential gardening ingredient, Cedar Grove Compost loosens clay soil, holds moisture, and nutrients in sandy soil, and increases the number of beneficial soil organisms. Mix equal parts of Compost with existing soil to a depth of 4-8 inches.

**Mulch – Add 3 inches of Cedar Grove Compost to protect soil from erosion and evaporation, insulate plant roots from temperature fluctuations and reduce weed growth. The dark color enhances plant contrasts. For trees, place 6 inches away from the trunk.

**Vegetable Gardens – Cedar Grove Compost should be tilled into the soil to establish 25% blend of compost to garden soil before planting.

**New Lawns – Lawns benefit from Cedar Grove Compost whether they are seeded, sodded or hydroseeded. The compost can be used as an amendment to tired soil and tilled in.

**Provides essential nutrients (N-P-K), organic matter and minerals
**Enhances a diverse beneficial microbial population
**Increases water-holding capacity during dry periods and reduces runoff in wetter months
**Increases porosity in clay soils and makes them easier to work
**Increases nutrient storage in sandy soils
**Helps suppress soil borne diseases
**Increases plant growth while reducing fertilizing and watering needs
**Prevents soil compaction and erosion
**Improves overall soil structure making it easier to work, improving drainage and resultant root growth
**Decreases landfill dependence by recycling compost greens
**Increases air quality from increased tree and plant populations
**As a mulch, reduces weed growth

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