#1 Railroad Ties

Our Railroad Ties come from the railroad tracks in the pacific northwest and beyond.  We have a good supply and variety.  They are in great shape and they are pressure treated and creosoted (to preserve them).  There are 3 standard dimension sizes that Railroad ties come in.  They are 7 ‘x 8″ x 8′ , 7″ x 9″ x 8′ and 6″ x 8″ x 8’.  Come in to the yard to check out which sizes we have in stock.  The standard length of Railroad Ties is 8 feet long. RR Ties are typically fir/hemlock but and weigh 100-200 lbs. but sometimes they are oak ties (hardwood) and weigh even more!

#1 Railroad Ties —  $55 cash discounted price

#1 Premium Relay Railroad Ties

We have limited stock of Premium Grade Relay Railroad Ties available.  They are 7”x 9”x 8’ in size/dimension.

#1 Premium Relay Railroad Ties 7”x 9”x 8’–  $60 cash discounted price

Switch Ties (Non-Standard Length Railroad Ties)

We also have longer, non-standard length “Switch” Ties that come in lengths of 8.5′ to 17′ long.  They are called “Switch” Ties because they are the longer railroad ties needed on the part of the railroad track that the train switches onto a different set of railroad tracks.  The Switch Ties are sold by the lineal foot and great for building staggered walls and applications where someone might want a non-standard length railroad tie for a project.  Bring a tape measure with you and you may find a switch tie that is the perfect length for your project!

 #1 Switch Ties, 8.5’ – 17’ foot lengths —  $8/ft. cash discounted price

#2 Railroad Ties and Switch Ties

We also have a very limited number of #2 grade Railroad Ties that are various sizes and dimensions.   #2 grade ties may be rough on 1-2 sides or have damage to part of the tie.    

#2 Railroad Ties —  $45.00 cash discounted price

#2 Switch Ties, 8.5’ – 17’ foot lengths —  $6/ft. cash discounted price

Please inquire personally at our landscape store/yard to check for availability—do not call/email as inventory changes frequently.)

All Railroad Ties are Self-Loading

Please come prepared to load railroad ties yourself or bring energetic help along to assist you.  We also have Safety/Protective Wear available for purchase too if you need, for example, gloves.  We can help you pick out and load ties (but only if we have staff available to do so).  There is a $5 loading/handling charge per tie to assist you in any way with the railroad ties—and only if we have capable staff available to do so.   

Delivery of Railroad Ties

We deliver Railroad Ties too!  The delivery charge depends on how many ties you order and your delivery address.  All deliveries must be paid for in advance by cash (discounted) or by debit/credit.  All delivered ties include a $5 loading/handling charge per tie.  Railroad Ties are delivered and dumped from a dump truck.  We can also deliver ties with other bulk materials such as bark, topsoil or crushed rock in different sized dump trucks (depending on the quantity of materials needed).  Please fill out our quote form to get a delivery quote for Railroad Ties delivered to you!