Sold by the cubic yard (we also take fill dirt too- see our Dumping webpage to get rates) Fill Dirt is perfect to fill in large areas where higher quality topsoil may not be needed or wanted.  Make no mistake about it though, it is Fill Dirt and NOT topsoil!   It may include rock and root material but it is just normal dirt (like if you were to dig into the side of a hill).  Fill dirt can range from being very sandy, to having high clay content, to glacial till.  Email us to find out what kind of Fill Dirt we currently have in stock. 

Do not expect to grow anything in the Fill Dirt that we bring you!  It is often clumpy and does not spread out flat or easily.  It is also not feasible to amend the Fill Dirt in order to support plant growth.  Please see our many types of TOPSOIL on this website for any kind of plant growth, including grass.  Use Round Drain Rock, Tailings (recycled) or 2″-4″ Crushed Concrete Spalls (recycled) or Crushed Rock Chips as back fill for retaining walls (for maximum drainage potential).