We sell genuine Cedar Play Chips!  Some other companies sell a wood product that is much smaller (not much bigger than sawdust), doesn’t look as good, will decompose faster and they charge more for it to be delivered than we do for the real stuff!  Our Cedar Play Chips are 6″ Minus in size (and average about 3″) so they are durable and large enough to cut the mud down in wet areas or provide lots of cushion for falling little butts!  Plus, our bigger chips last longer!

What can we say, ours look and smell like fresh cedar chips because….. they are!  Our Cedar Play Chips are perfect for under swing and play sets.  Typically, Cedar Play Chips are applied at least 6″ deep and up to 9″ deep under and around playground sets and equipment.  On the Consumer Product Safety Commission website, they recommend at least 9″ depth (see playground handbook below).  1 yard of Cedar Chips will cover 54 square feet 6″ deep or about 41 square feet 9″ deep.

Another popular use of Cedar Play Chips is for Dog Runs or on pathways to soak up the rain and for mud control.  The Cedar Play Chips really help to cut down the mud caused by the combination of pets, soft ground and moisture.  Apply Cedar Play Chips to the area where your pet is (recommended 4″-5″ or deeper for large breed dogs that dig or are very active) and eliminate the mud!  1 yard of Cedar Chips will cover 81 square feet 4″ deep or 54 square feet 6″ deep.  Finally, some customers are even using our chips as a topdressing around their yard.  This is a look that is an alternative to bark or rock. 

No refunds or returns are accepted for Cedar Play Chips (or any of our products or materials) and once they are dumped, we cannot come back to pick them up (for a refund or return).  We suggest viewing the Cedar Play Chips (and all materials that you order) prior to delivery.  They are available for viewing at our retail yard during business hours at 13300 Avondale Road NE. Woodinville, WA  98077.  We typically accept Cash or Cashiers Checks only at the time of delivery for all Cedar Play Chip orders.  No personal or business checks accepted.  And don’t worry, we are typically WAY cheaper than other companies that either offer chips for pick up or delivery, saving you a lot of $$.  Go with Joe!!!

Sold in cubic yard increments, we can deliver 1-28 yards in a single dump truck load, depending on the size truck we use (we have 3 different sized trucks). 

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