Tools/Garden Supplies/Furniture

 Below are just the tools and other supplies you’ll need for your project.  We can deliver them with your order so that you’ll be ready!

12′ x 16′ Reversible Dry Top® Tarp — $20.00

The tarp shown above is just an example picture.  The tarps that we carry are high quality and have been improved to be “reversible” in that they are brown on one side and green on the other, thicker and more durable.  We also have the all blue tarps.

  • 6 mil thick – our reversible tarps are thicker than other super thin tarps. Light weight yet extremely durable!
  • 3 oz per sq. yard
  • 8 x 8 weave count
  • Rust resistant grommets approximately every 3 feet
  • Heat sealed seams
  • Rope reinforced hems
  • Water, mildew, rot, tear and acid resistant
  • Mildew and waterproof
  • Artic flexibility
  • Size is cut size. Tarp’s finished size is up to 2% or 6″ smaller, whichever larger.

Our tarp is first grade. No lower strength recycled materials are used in the tarps that degrades the strength of the fabric. Tarps can be used for Joe’s Landscaping products, construction applications, landscaping projects, woodpiles, and camping. 

Joe’s Weed Barrier Fabric 3′ x 50′ Roll — $19.95

We sell this at our store in Woodinville or that we can deliver to you with your delivery order.  The fabric is very popular in our product line and works well.  Joe’s Weed Barrier keeps weeds out with small openings in the fabric to let air and water in and allows for proper air exchange for oxygen in and carbon dioxide outOur weed blocking fabric features technology to let air, water and nutrients through, not weeds- for healthier plants and soil.  Weeds can’t get established on top of the fabric, and can’t penetrate from below.  This weed fabric is designed for perennial gardens, around trees and shrubs.  It is easy-to-install: lays flat, and cuts cleanly.Chemical free weed control!

  • Basic weed barrier provides adequate weed control for residential landscape areas
  • Great for annual plantings
  • Maintains soil moisture and promotes a deeper root system
  • Point-bond material allows air and water penetration
  • Basic UV protection for strength and durability
  • 50-ft L x 3-ft W roll covers 150-sq ft
  • Easily installs with Joe’s landscape staples/pins
  • Ideal for residential landscape beds and home gardens
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Keeps weeds out with small openings in the fabric to let air and water in
  • Allows for proper air exchange for oxygen in and carbon dioxide out
  • Maintains soil moisture and promotes a deeper root system
  • Blocks weeds
  • Great for annual plantings
  • Installs in three easy steps

GIANT Roll of Joe’s Commercial Grade Weed Block

Get what commercial landscapers use! Sold by the foot (we’ll cut it to your length requirements while you wait) or you can buy the whole darn roll from us to cover a really big area (5,400 square feet to be exact)! It is very economical to have us cut how much you need from our Giant Weed Block Roll or buy a whole roll instead of using many smaller rolls that you must pay separately for and then have to piece together. Plus, our giant weed block roll is commercial grade material that is heavy duty.  Stop by our retail store location at 13300 Avondale Road NE, Woodinville 98077-6502 and have us cut off how much you need or buy your very own GIANT roll!

12′ 6″ wide x 432′ long (covers 5,400 square feet) $595 for the whole roll! 

We’ll cut lengths to your specifications.  With each lineal foot that we cut for you, you actually get 12 1/2 square feet to cover your area.  
$2 per lineal foot picked up and paying with cash or $2.25 per lineal delivered with your order or picked up on Sunday.

Joe’s™ Landscape Staples– 3/$1 or a box/bag of 25 for $9.95

Joe’s ™ Landscape Staples are sold individually 3/$1.  You can also buy the whole box (75-Pack) , deeply discounted, for $22.95.  You can pick them up at our store or we can deliver the staples to you with your order of bulk landscaping materials that includes Joe’s Commercial Grade Weed Block or Joe’s Weed Shield Defense Fabric 3’x45′ Rolls.  These durable metal pins help make commercial weed block and weed shield defense fabric work even better. You can also use these anchor pines to secure bird and deer netting, burlap and other landscape fabrics….and they are easy to use!

Joe’s Jammin’ Workhorse Wheelborrow –

6 cu. ft. with Steel Handles & Joe’s Flat Free Tire™ and…its already assembled for you.  Just wheel it out or free delivery** with most delivery orders! $179.95

**Free delivery with existing delivery orders in a small dump truck only. Get more done with this hard-working wheelbarrow. The high-capacity 6 cu. ft. steel tray, rugged steel handles and flat-free tire make this unit ideal for just about any job. This wheelbarrow is built to last and will provide years of trouble-free service.

  • Dimensions: 25.50 in. W x 58.75 in. D x 27 in. H
  • 15.8 in. flat-free tire, never needs air and allows for continuous use in the toughest job sites
  • Tough steel handles with comfort grips provide improved strength and durability
  • Joe’s Jammin’ Workhose Wheelbarrow is built from the ground up with the professional in mind
  • Upgraded heavy gauge tray will handle the toughest jobs
  • Heavy-duty undercarriage and support bracing means the Joe’s Jammin’ Workhorse Wheelbarrow is ready for anything and everything the professional or homeowner can throw at it!
  • 6 cu ft. capacity.  Just 4 1/2 wheelbarrow fulls moves 1 cubic yard of material (27 cubic feet in 1 yard).  Be more productive and efficient with Joe’s Jammin’ Workhorse Wheelbarrow!!

Joe’s Long Handle Square or Round Point Shovels – $18.95

These shovels have ash wood handles for traditional value and a 16-gauge rolled steel blade that is tempered, strong and durable.  They are very durable tools for any job.  The Round Point Shovel has a rolled shoulder, one piece head, and is sure to be a useful helper to help you move your material.  Great for transferring loose material. 

  • 46 In. Wooden handle
  • 9 in. blade width     

Joe’s® Aluminum Scoop Shovel — $39.95

This scoop shovel has a high grade northern ash handle for maximum strength and ABS poly construction for stiffness and durability.  Full size cushion “D” grips will fit your gloved hand comfortably.  This is a big scoop shovel and can scoop twice (or more) of what a typical square point shovel can.  It’s even perfect for shoveling lighter materials like bark, mulch or Cedar Play Chips quickly and efficiently.  

True Temper 14 Tine Row Rake – $16.95

This light duty garden bow rake is made of non-rusting poly ferrule.  A handy and durable steel garden rake for moving loose debris or evenly spreading topsoil. 

True Temper® 24″ Poly Greensweeper Leaf Rake — $12.95

This is a one-piece construction, lightweight and yet very durable rake.  Premium fortified poly tines retain their shape!  Rake all the leaves, weeds and old bark off surfaces with this rake before you apply your new bark from Joe’s Landscaping Supplies!

Twisted 1/4″ Polypropylene Rope

This 600-foot poly rope is three-strand, strength-braided to hold up to 113 lbs. The polypropylene rope resists mildew and floats on water, making it ideal for mooring, towing, water skiing or securing landscaping materials in pick-up trucks or other vehicles!  The slick surface also helps prevent snags. 

  • Poly rope resists mildew
  • Floats on water
  • Snag and acid-resistant
  • Three-strand, strength braided
  • 600′ of rope– Buy the whole spool for $29.95 We’ll also cut lengths to your specifications too. Need to secure the Railroad Ties that you purchase for a safe trip home- use this rope!  .15¢ per foot.

Adjustable Elastic Cords – just $1.00 each.

These hook-ended elastic cords are perfect for bundling items together or tying down loads in the truck bed. The durable nylon covered elastic cords keep items bound and secure without fear of breaking. Non-marring hooks with safety clips further lock items down without scratching or damaging your loads. This is a great set of tie down cords for truckers (or us residential folks) to secure loads and also for the home handyman to bundle tools and accessories together.

  • 60 lb. capacity
  • Easily adjust tension and length for a perfect fit
  • Non-marring hooks with safety clips – no dangerous exposed hooks
  • Pull-loops prevent pinched fingers
  • Color coded for different lengths
  • We have the following sizes: 13″, 18″ and 24″

Safety/Privacy Fencing

We have rolls of Safety/Privacy Fencing.  Your choice $50 each.  While supplies last!